B O J A N A

I find diseases on the cellular level! I remove blockages, clear and balance the energy system on which our health and our lives depend on spiritual, physical and emotional level! I charge water and make protections by reprogramming  homes, offices and people. I remove dirt and blockages on etheric bodies! Clearing fear and problems in psychological illnesses: Schizophrenia, Autism, Split personality! I offer teaching to those wishing to learn how to draw energy and self-healing. I do therapies to all parts of the world - the distance does not matter! I work with patients ONLY when they have some information about what an energy system is and what it means to a person! A patient should want and have the desire and faith in the success of any therapy that we hold together! I always share the effort and the full success of anything I do as 50/50 healer-patient! People who do not believe in this type of therapies will be rejected before I've started the first review! I have open crown channels, proven by measurements in four countries, from Centers of Medical Biophysics! Currently I live in Bulgaria and offer measurements and treatment from my country.