Представяне Божана


  My name is Bozhana and since I was seven years  old I knew that I was different from the other children - I just was not like them! In our family, my grandmother (who helped many women who could not get pregnant - with rituals - energy therapy and herbs) helped me understood myself at that time. From the beginning, it was like a childhood game. I was telling who would crash, which woman would get pregnant and what a child she would give birth - a boy or a girl. I knew when someone died. I was telling my grandmother what I did! In the beginning, my grandmother told me how other people will accept me if they understand what I see and feel ... Warn me that they will think of me as mentally ill and the kids will make fun of me and will not want to play with me! So the years passed...  I did not share with anyone else along with her! One day they brought a child to my grandmother with a frowning leg but my grandmother was sick and called me to the child and his mother, said I would fix the child's foot !!! But I had never done that and I was worried - then my grandmother said, "You can, you just have to do it now !!!" She gave me instructions on what to prepare, I sat down beside her bed and began to fit the crooked, swollen and blue leg of the child! The next day the mother and the child came back and the mother was wearing a box of sweets. She said what I did was a miracle.  Well, I did not know why it was a miracle... I was taught always to help with what I can do so now it was just a little help in my child's eyes and consciousness.

I always knew I would heal people.  I do not know where and how I knew it - but it became reality years later! My fate has tested and tested many of my qualities as a human being  and a healer !!! I started with severe illnesses – schizophrenia, drug addiction, complications after surgery of lymph nodes and cancers.  I was reached by women who have lost hope of having the desired child !!! The greatest happiness for me was to get a message that there would be a baby in the family! I saw juvenile drug addicts after a few months of therapy - clean and completely transformed. Women wearing shoes again after a couple of years of walking in pain, with their legs four times bigger than normal after surgery of lymph node cancer.  It was my happiness to see happiness and gratitude in the eyes of the people! Families reaching divorce were looking for my help - left without energy from scandals and troubles! For years, I've also found the causes of illnesses and family problems that are also due to groundwater - the Hartmann network and foreign interference!